IMKAN’s Cloud practice refreshes IT networks, hardware, and storage systems without disrupting data/transaction processing. Our cloud migration services extend the life of legacy investments while affecting a business transformation, including scalability, availability, security, performance, and cost reduction.

IMKAN’s Migration Planning Suite maximizes value and mitigates risks by determining the business strategy of transferring applications to a reliable cloud platform. In addition, it transforms web applications, legacy virtual servers, databases, and ERP systems for cloud-native technology platforms. Our knowledge-based workload migration solution suite automates remediation and enhances the reliability of applications on the cloud. Moreover, it minimizes the effort for provisioning and application deployment.

IMKAN self-service cloud management portals facilitate seamless consumption of IT resources and compliance with enterprise policies and industry standards. Our cloud-first deployment approach and DevOps automation tools simplify backend services and improve service quality. Significantly, automated migration ensures minimal code changes at the application layer.

IMKAN’s Cloud Migration Services team analyzes interdependence between integration points to ensure business continuity.