In today’s complex and changing network environment, the time and effort involved in deploying new capabilities across multiple technologies and product domains can be challenging. IMKAN’s IT Implementation Services can help simplify the way you build and deploy modern technologies across your network while freeing up your IT staff to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Our Implementation Services range from introductory offerings for some of our key solutions and software products to full deployment and custom services that address broader use cases, requirements, and end-to-end solutions. These include:

  • Apstra Automated Data Center Deployment Service
  • Paragon Active Assurance Deployment Service
  • Juniper-Corero DDoS Protection Implementation Service
  • SRX Series Deployment Service
  • Contrail Enterprise Multicloud
  • Anuta ATOM Deployment Service
  • Session Smart SD-WAN Deployment Service
  • Mist Wired Assurance Deployment Service